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Eggfinder LCD Receiver
Eggfinder LCD Receiver
Eggfinder LCD Receiver

The Eggfinder LCD is a handheld portable receiver with a LCD display for the Eggfinder system, it makes using the Eggfinder system a  snap.  You simply turn it on, and as soon as it picks up the signal from your Eggfinder TX or Mini transmitter with a valid GPS fix it displays the following information on the display:

o   Latitude and Longitude
o   Number of satellites used in the fix
o  A bar graph that shows  you the quality of the fix, based on the Horizontal Dilution of Precision (HDOP)
o  The number of seconds since your last good fix, useful if  you lose the signal
o  The last GPS altitude (not necessarily your rocket's altitude... GPS altitude tends to lag somewhat)

Using the Eggfinder LCD is easy.  You take the last latitude and longitude fix from the display and enter it into your smartphone's navigation app, then you tell you app to navigate to that point.   It works with any GPS-enabled smartphone, and it will work with handheld GPS devices like those made by Garmin and Magellan too.  You can also connect a HC-06 type Bluetooth module (not included) to it so you can get real-time tracks from your Windows or Android device without having to type in the coordinates.

o Latitude/Longitude can be displayed in Degrees, Degrees:Minutes, or Degrees:Minutes:Seconds
o Altitude can be displayed in Feet or Meters
o Programmable frequency selection, so you can use it with any Eggfinder TX transmitter
o 16x2 LCD display, black-on-yellow for high visibility in any lighting condition
o Yellow backlight for those brave rocketeers who may want to use it for tracking night flights (with optional switch)
o Beep indicator tells you audibly when you have a fix, so you don't need to keep looking at the display
o 1/4 wave "stick" antenna included... pads provided for RP-SMA connector for optional external antenna to extend range
o Connector and space for optional HC-06 Bluetooth module, for easy real-time interfacing to Windows/Android devices
o Firmware can be field updated for new feature support
o Kit includes all parts, a case, mounting hardware, and a 4xAA battery box with switch... just add batteries and you're ready to go