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Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Assembly Tips

o  TAKE YOUR TIME!  This is a fairly complex build with a lot of little tiny parts, it's very easy to get a solder bridge or miss a solder joint if you don't work slowly and carefully.

o  Inspect every solder joint with a 10x jewelers loupe right after you solder it.  It's much easier to do it then than to go back after you're done and look at hundreds of joints for the "one" bad joint.  

o  Use the right tools.  You'll need a good quality soldering iron, 15W or so, or a temperature-controlled soldering station, with a .025" or so conical tip.  The rule of thumb is that the tip should be about the same width as the smallest pad that you're going to solder.  We set our station to 680F, but your temperature may vary.

Setup/Flying Tips

o  Be sure to perform a Master Reset before you program or fly it, especially if you're doing deployments.  Not doing so may result in unintended and possibly unpredictable deployment results.  Don't say you haven't been warned...

o  Fly it without doing any deployments the first time or so, and get familiar with how the GPS side of things works first.  Once you know how to use the TRS to find your rocket you can graduate to doing deployments with it.

o  Read and follow the mounting guidelines, in particular try to keep the antenna away from masses of metal (i.e. AV bay allthreads).  If that's not possible due to the build, think about getting an external antenna and extension cable to get the antenna outside the AV bay.